Wednesday, October 22, 2008

08 Blogger Choice Awards...

08 Blogger Choice Awards...
The Winners were announced and boy are they're some good ones! Some I have been following or have heard about and others are new discoveries, either way it's fun stuff. Congratulations to all the nominee's and winners.

Here are some of my Fav's from the list...

Winner for Best Food & nominee for Best Photography

The Famous Mrs. Ree @ Pioneer Woman - Got Best food for her cooking page Ree is great I love her style of writing and keeping it real. Her pictures and photography tips are awesome and have inspired many a women to photography they're dinners. Who doesn't love pioneer woman?

Winner for About Stuff - Best of all time

Confessions of a CF Husband Nate chronicles the life of himself and his wife Tricia who has Cystic Fibrosis. They of course had the amazing addition to their family with sweet little Gwyneth the "miracle baby". Nate's writing is lovable and fun. I have enjoyed reading about their journey through life and continue to pray for them as we all wait to read what's going to happen next.

Blog About stuff Runner up

Post secret is a blog by Frank Warren where people send postcards or make art pieces containing secret's. This wildly blog never ceases to surprise the hell out of me. The things people write are amazing and range from shocking, to sweet and heartfelt to just
plain crazy. Very interesting stuff. Post secret continues to grow and has released 4 books chalk full of secrets.

Best Animal

Lolcatz Icanhascheezburger ... I know okay! Maybe I'm a geek or weird but i don't care I think these cat's are freaking funny. Yes it is grammar challenged but in case you hadn't noticed so am I. That's my Seattle public skool edumacation!

Gossip Blog- 4th Runner up

I look forward to my NY magazine the CUT newsletter report every Tuesday morning. Why you ask??? Because that's when the FUG girls Heather & Jessica chat about the hills episode from the night before. If you just rolled your eyes after reading "the hills" then you need to go FUG yourself because this recap is not a normal review. It is a hilarious take on the shows happenings and fashion items seen in the night before episode. I heart it! I also enjoy the fug girls take on project runway & ‘New York Fugging City’.
My fav gossip site by far, funny stuff!

Best shopping site nominee

GreatGreenGoods is a shopping site full of eco goods made from recycled materials. I love browsing this site not only because of their unique products but because it reminds me to shop mindfully. If your at all concerned with sustainability I suggest checking it out.

How about you, did any of your favorites make the cut? If not why not share some of your fav's with us? Can't wait to see what you guys love reading!


  1. fun! i'll have to check these out, the only one i'm familiar with is Pioneer Woman.
    here is a blog i just discovered, beautiful and tragic at the same time...
    and her sis who is keeping up her blog...

  2. OMG carrie that is so crazy! I just discovered the nienie blog last weekend!!! I saw a link from somewhere and clicked it because "nienie" is a pet name chris and I have for eachother and I had never heard or seen anyone else use it. Then once I started reading it ... Wow ... I got totally into it. I think I read if for like 2 hours! It is just so sad yet amazing at the same time. She is very life rich, I hope she can make a full recovery and enjoy life like she once did! Funny that we discovered it around the same time =)

  3. wow! i read about it from my friend's blog


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