Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm an addict...

I am totally addicted to the Open Photo Contest. This is a photo contest put on by Open Source Photo ( a totally awesome forum by David Jay) where you get to vote on your favorite picture out of a series or four images. Photographers can register and upload their images to be in one of the contests. Currently there are 6 running categories which included: Stellar Brides, Traveling, Engaging, Prepared, Family Time & OPC Beta Contest. Four images are displayed at a time and you vote for your favorite of that series then voila! a new set comes then an new one and a new one and well you can see how this can get addicting. The winning photographer's get some nice prizes and are featured on the right colum of the page. Thier are some amazing photo's sometimes it's hard to choose which one you like best. Try it out for yourself but be warned you may be sitting in front or your monitor for a loong time ;)

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