Friday, February 29, 2008

The Next Marky Mark?

Now excepting applications for the funky bunch!

What does your password say about you?

Today at work I had the lovely job of creating a database compiled of the information from companies that have made internet purchases on our site. To do this I had to log into the backside of our website and check out the account information. After about 10 minutes of copy and paste suckness I started to notice people's passwords. Let me tell you this was the only good part of my 4 hour grueling task. You would not believe what some people use as their passwords. A lot are simple number combinations, their name plus a number, a child or spouses name, a birthday. However it's the others that are pretty amusing.

Here are some of my favorites:

Password (that's genius!)
Loafers (huh??? that's weird)
Craptastic (best password ever!!!)

Lesson learned you can find something amusing even in the most daunting of tasks!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"If You Want Loads of Friends, Giving Away Money is Not a Bad Idea"

I have a confession to make... I'm really in love with the Geico gecko voice! I know right... =) Seriously though that accent really does it for me! What is it anyway? I read it was Australian but it's English right? I think it's English, it sounds similar to Pete's english slang on Green Street Hooligans. Which is a pretty good movie by the way if you can get passed Frodo trying to be a hard ass "football" (that's soccer for us americans) hooligan it's definitely worth checking out.

I thought maybe I just liked male accents in general but I could do without out hillbilly, western draw, the long islander you know the guy with huge muscles, a Caesar and spray tan eeww, even the supposedly sex Antonio banderas tongue isn't for me either. Okay forget it I just like the gecko oh and Boston accents I totally dig guys with Boston accents! So now you know my deep dark secret I have never told anyone before!

"They literally hand you a biscuit with bu'er and jam..." oh yeah baby!

On a side note I'm really craving Red Mango I think I'm going to go get some tomorrow Yum!
Also I changed some settings so anyone can comment now!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

He has my attitude!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Soul Sisters

For awhile now I've been rolling over an idea for a blog post about "Forever Friends" which I will be writing soon. But first I wanted to share the awesome coincidence that one of my dear friends has been thinking the exact same thoughts as me. I received an e-mail yesterday from a childhood friend of mine Liah.

This is a picture I took of Liah back in 1999 on our road trip to a concert at the Gorge.

I was happily surprised to receive an e-mail from her as it's been about two years since we last spoke. I loved Liah's e-mail and I hope she won't mind but I want to share a paragraph with you.

"Yesterday I discovered Mandy Moore's new website called at Its a new site that seeks to inspire women to challenge themselves by finding balance in their lives and taking risks. The site is a little cheesy but it got me thinking about a new way to challenge myself. I thought about setting a goal to exercise more, eat healthier, or study more, but then it dawned on me these goals are good but they are all about wanting more. So I asked myself the question, what do I already have? This little voice in my head said "the most loving and talented women friends." The only problem, however, is they probably don't even know I feel this way about them or even how much I really care for them because I don't tell them. In fact, I don't even make time to keep in touch with them most of the time. In other words, it became clear yesterday what my challenge should be: I need to be a better friend."

I can't tell you how many times I have thought this exact same thing! I'm sure a lot of us women struggle with wanting to be a better friend and needing to show our friends how much they mean to us. I thank Liah for not only reminding me to be a better friend but for the friendship we share together.

I truly believe Liah and I's relationship is one of the most special of connections, one of the soul! We have never been the super close type of friends and we go many many years without any contact. Yet we are always connected! We are imprinted on each other in a beautiful way, and when we see each other it's as no time has passed at all. We are two old "soul sisters"... two forever friends!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Urban Unveiled

Thursday night I attended the Urban Unveiled event at Benaroya Hall. I received two free tickets from Clare at Clare Marie Photography. Upon arriving I was pleasantly surprised, the cocktail party/trade show was truly sophisticated and stylish as advertised. I always get a little nervous when it comes to bridal events, they are usually a lot of hype but end up disappointing. This one was anything but disappointing, if you are a bride or just enjoy all things wedding this event is thee event to attend. I was impressed by pretty much everything from the elegant paper goods provided by Little Q Designs, the classy set up's by Rented elegance, even the music from NiteLite Entertainment was right on point. My friend Cathy and I had a good time checking out the vendor booths (which were not trying to pressure sell you like other bridal shows), sampling food from some great local catering companies (Tom Douglas and Wolfgang Puck just to name a few!) and sipping champagne.

My favorite vendors were:
Clara French where you can get a custom made cake stand made in custom colors to match any event or taste. Don't wanna buy? You can rent too!
Sugar Rush bakeries mini cupcakes... I had two, one mocha & one lemon YUM!!!
Lumiere videographers who can shoot in super 8 which I Love Love Love! I stopped to talk with Jaro, he was super nice and I got the impression that working with him and his team would be a wonderful experience. Check out their demo's!

The main event was the Luly Yang Couture Fashion Show. Luly showed three collections which ranged from classic styles to cute cocktail style dresses to some real concept style Tiffany blue dresses and even a couple sliver sparkly numbers. Overall I enjoyed the show I did feel that some of the items didn't look very finished especially for someone with Luly's notoriety. A few of the garments were wrinkled and more than a few had crooked or very noticeable seams. And I know fashion, I mean I've watched every single episode of Project Runway! ;) Picture me judging every garment just as if I was Micheal or Nina! Hahaha

The night ended with the give away raffle of some fabulous prizes, which I didn't win but congrats to those who did because there was some great ones! All in all I had a great time even despite being harassed by a hottie policeman and feeling like I had a hangover from the mix of mini cupcakes and champagne it was good times!
Event Programs and Vendor Catalog

Taking with my Cybershot.. not too shabby!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse

Here is my picture of tonights Lunar Eclipse. This is around 8:00 pm PST, I was lucky enough to get it before it got too bright most of my pictures after this one just look like a bright light in the sky with no definition like I caught here. If I would have been more prepared and set up my tripod I probably would have got a better shot but oh well!
This will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2010.
Hope you got to see it!

You can see mine as well as other eclipse pic's on

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Chase!

My baby is THREE years old! Time goes by so quickly!

Blowing out the candle

Excited about his new spiderman jammies

Fun with cupcake rings!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

L-O-V-E Contest

I have been super busy getting ready for Chase's 3rd birthday party tomorrow! I finally got a second to sit down and thought I would do a quick post. I had a great Valentines day with my two guys, I will post more on that later. Right now I want to focus on Me Ra's new photo contest L-O-V-E and encourage everyone to not only check out this months contest but Me Ra's blog in general is awesome. I was the winner of the first contest and won a great prize. I havent entered any of the other contests but I really enjoy voting on them, and love to see people win such great prizes. So go over to Me Ra's and vote on the next winner! They will win Adobe Lightroom, super cool software which i'm still trying to learn how to use ;)
Okay back to party preperations!

Here's my winning photo of Chase and Calmerin at Bob's Cornfeild and me with my prizes!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Falling in love is amazing but even more amazing is being able to fall in love with the same person over and over again. As horribly cliche' as it sounds relationships have many seasons. This is especially true the longer your with that special someone! Some seasons are fruitful and full of slendor and others are dry feel baren and sometimes hopeless.

After ten years together Chris and I have been through many harvests and many droughts yet we always come out together, sometimes barely ;) but never the less intact!

This last year has been the best of all our years together and hopefully we will continue on the path of growth, support and love. It's hard not to love a man that does things like this...

A single rose left in my car as a surprise in the morning on my way to work. Great way to start the day!

Or my other favorite... xtra hot non fat vanilla latte waiting on my nightstand when I wake up!

But even better than those awesome surprises is everday hearing i'm beautiful and the constant reminders of how much he loves me!
A special thank you to my "Nie Nie", Happy Valentines Day to you my friend my love! You are a wonderful dad, a hard worker and a faithful companion. I love you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Face

One of my most favorite beauty tips is using a exfoliating glove like this one from The Body Shop. You can buy them super cheap at Target or your local drug store. I like the body shop ones with the loops on the end, since I keep mine in the shower having them hang dry keeps them for getting all icky. These gloves are excellent not only for your body but are gentle enough to use on your face!

I have pretty sensitive skin but have no irritation at all from the gloves. For my face I lather mine up with Clinque facial bar soap or Burts Bee's Complexion soap and it works wonders especially in the winter months when my face tends to dry up! Even during a break out my blemish's are not aggravated by them. I also love these with body wash used on my legs right before I shave. They uncover the hairs that are still under the skin and allow for a closer shave and smoother legs. These babies should definitely be added to your beauty regiment!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

Meet Calmerin she is 4 years old today!
She loves to be the Princess!

Happy Birthday Princess!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Show Me The Money Baby!

Here I am posing with the check I won from 92.5 in their "Show me the money" contest, $100 Buck-O-Roo's baby! I've never won anything on the radio before but this time I had a feeling I was going to win. The station had been running promos for week's so when the first day came I was on it! I e-mailed and text'd my name in and listened patiently for them to call me. The first four hours went by and no "Amanda Mays you have 9 minutes and 25 seconds to call in" but I was not discouraged yet because "up next is afternoon diva Mason". Now for those of you not in the know "Mason" is a talented gal with many a alias my favorite being "Mrs. Strawberry" from the totally addicting best blog in the universe Weddingbee!

For many moons I was obsessed with all things weddingbee. I would keep the screen up all day and refresh every few hours to see if there was any new posts, sick I know but so much fun! Right before Mason called the winning name I thought how cool would it be if Mrs. Strawberry called my name? I mean after all I was there when she planned her wedding for Christ sake! I was there when her cat pee'd all over her favor boxes, I was there to weight in on Poof vs. Sweep (I picked sweep, she went with poof), I was there to comment on her too cool picture's with the pigs on parade and it was I that was there to envy her mashed potato martini bar!

It was destiny that I was to be her first winner, we are so totally BFF's. When I called in .5 seconds later she answered the phone and I was prepared to scream "oh my god your Mrs Strawberry I won a $100 bucks from Mrs Strawberry" but I chickened out and instead said "oh it's very exciting" (in a non excited way) and then proclaimed "show me the money baby!" After being on hold for several minute's while they edited my lame victory screech I heard myself on the radio sounding like an udder spaz! But hey sounding like a tard for all of Seattle to hear is an okay price to pay for a nice check in the mail two weeks later! Thanks Susan!