Thursday, February 28, 2008

"If You Want Loads of Friends, Giving Away Money is Not a Bad Idea"

I have a confession to make... I'm really in love with the Geico gecko voice! I know right... =) Seriously though that accent really does it for me! What is it anyway? I read it was Australian but it's English right? I think it's English, it sounds similar to Pete's english slang on Green Street Hooligans. Which is a pretty good movie by the way if you can get passed Frodo trying to be a hard ass "football" (that's soccer for us americans) hooligan it's definitely worth checking out.

I thought maybe I just liked male accents in general but I could do without out hillbilly, western draw, the long islander you know the guy with huge muscles, a Caesar and spray tan eeww, even the supposedly sex Antonio banderas tongue isn't for me either. Okay forget it I just like the gecko oh and Boston accents I totally dig guys with Boston accents! So now you know my deep dark secret I have never told anyone before!

"They literally hand you a biscuit with bu'er and jam..." oh yeah baby!

On a side note I'm really craving Red Mango I think I'm going to go get some tomorrow Yum!
Also I changed some settings so anyone can comment now!!!

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