Friday, February 1, 2008

Show Me The Money Baby!

Here I am posing with the check I won from 92.5 in their "Show me the money" contest, $100 Buck-O-Roo's baby! I've never won anything on the radio before but this time I had a feeling I was going to win. The station had been running promos for week's so when the first day came I was on it! I e-mailed and text'd my name in and listened patiently for them to call me. The first four hours went by and no "Amanda Mays you have 9 minutes and 25 seconds to call in" but I was not discouraged yet because "up next is afternoon diva Mason". Now for those of you not in the know "Mason" is a talented gal with many a alias my favorite being "Mrs. Strawberry" from the totally addicting best blog in the universe Weddingbee!

For many moons I was obsessed with all things weddingbee. I would keep the screen up all day and refresh every few hours to see if there was any new posts, sick I know but so much fun! Right before Mason called the winning name I thought how cool would it be if Mrs. Strawberry called my name? I mean after all I was there when she planned her wedding for Christ sake! I was there when her cat pee'd all over her favor boxes, I was there to weight in on Poof vs. Sweep (I picked sweep, she went with poof), I was there to comment on her too cool picture's with the pigs on parade and it was I that was there to envy her mashed potato martini bar!

It was destiny that I was to be her first winner, we are so totally BFF's. When I called in .5 seconds later she answered the phone and I was prepared to scream "oh my god your Mrs Strawberry I won a $100 bucks from Mrs Strawberry" but I chickened out and instead said "oh it's very exciting" (in a non excited way) and then proclaimed "show me the money baby!" After being on hold for several minute's while they edited my lame victory screech I heard myself on the radio sounding like an udder spaz! But hey sounding like a tard for all of Seattle to hear is an okay price to pay for a nice check in the mail two weeks later! Thanks Susan!


  1. What a cool/weird coincidence! Did Mason ever find out it was "you" who won??

  2. I know now! :)

    Mason/Susan/Mrs. Strawberry


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