Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Face

One of my most favorite beauty tips is using a exfoliating glove like this one from The Body Shop. You can buy them super cheap at Target or your local drug store. I like the body shop ones with the loops on the end, since I keep mine in the shower having them hang dry keeps them for getting all icky. These gloves are excellent not only for your body but are gentle enough to use on your face!

I have pretty sensitive skin but have no irritation at all from the gloves. For my face I lather mine up with Clinque facial bar soap or Burts Bee's Complexion soap and it works wonders especially in the winter months when my face tends to dry up! Even during a break out my blemish's are not aggravated by them. I also love these with body wash used on my legs right before I shave. They uncover the hairs that are still under the skin and allow for a closer shave and smoother legs. These babies should definitely be added to your beauty regiment!

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