Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thankful Heart

Take nothing for granted, for whatever you do,

The joy of enjoying will be lessened for you.

For you'd rob your own life much more than you'll know

When we fail to respond or in any way show

Our thanks for blessings that daily are ours ~

The warmth of the sun, the fragrance of flowers,

The beauty of twilight, the freshness of dawn

The coolness of dew on a green velvet lawn,

The kind little deeds so thoughtfully done,

The favors of friends and the love that someone

Unselfishly gives us in a myriad of ways,

Expecting no payment and no words of praise.

Oh, great is our loss when we no longer find

A thankful response to things of this kind.

For the joy of enjoying and the fullness of living

Are found in the heart that is filled with thanksgiving.


With thanksgiving in my heart i'm wishing you all a

Happy Thanksgiving! =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am extremely overwhelmed right now, I have more on my plate than ever before! Because nobody likes a pity party I'll spare you from all the details but I will say that my Internet is still down! The combination of both chase and I being sick for over a week now combined with my grandma passing away on Saturday has giving me little time to do anything!

I will try to blog more later this week but I did want to follow through (a day late) with announcing the giveaway winner! I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the turnout but I'll just amuse people don't like froyo ;) or it might have been from the lack of promoting on my part! Oh well perhaps I'll have a better turn out next time =)

The winner of the Red Mango $25 gift card is.... Jason ... first time commenter and new friend to me here! Congratulations Jason I will send you and e-mail or hit you up on facebook! Xtra special thanks to all the commenter's!


Thank you to all my friends that have been sending me out prayers and well wishes! You are extremely appreciated! Lots of Love ~ Amanda


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celebrate 100 with Froyo !

Welcome to my 100th Post!

To celebrate I am doing my 1st giveaway!

Back in march I mentioned I often have craving's for some yummy yum yum froyo from Red Mango. For those of you not in the know, Red Mango & Pinkberry are frozen yogurt franchises for the supercool ;) I'm no talking the low fat ice cream crap they call "frozen yogurt" to trick you into thinking your eating healthy ... cough **mcdonalds**... This is real 100% natural non fat frozen yogurt.

Typically you choose from original, green tea or sometimes a third flavor (pinkberry has coffee, yum!) and then you pick your toppings. You can be a good girl like me and get fresh fruits =) -I love strawberries, raspberries, & blackberries - or you can get a little more adventurous with something fun like chocolate chips, fruity pebbles, cap'n crunch, etc...

It's the best of both world's! You get a tasty treat without ton's of fat while also benefiting from eating a superfood rich in probiotic's, calcium and other good for your body ingredients.

Now to the really fun part I with give one lucky person in cyberspace a $25 giftcard to Red Mango. Just leave a comment below telling me what you'd order or if your not sure just say hi & that will count as well. I'll leave it open till Sunday 11/16 @ 9pm PST then announce the winner on Monday!

AND because "I sweet girl, I do nuttin wroong" I'll pass along this deal too...

Free treats for everyone!!!

Okay not "everyone" just you ambitious few that can't turn down a freebie...

For Red Mango locations click this.
Come on people... comment away, no more lurkers! =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tree for All :: Space Needle

Have good times this season at the Space Needle all while giving back to the community!

Sounds like a win - win to me!

Your charity will receive $5 back for every Adult ticket and $2.50 back for every Senior or Youth ticket, purchased at the ticket booth or online with a tree for all voucher.

So, pick your favorite charity from this list, print out thier voucher and visit the needle anytime between November 12 - December 24, 2008.

Why not make a day of it! Go ride the carousel or have fun ice skating (in my case falling on my butt) at the Starbucks Ice Rink during Winterfest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tamara :: Portrait Session

Check out this beauty I was lucky enough to do a session for...

Tamara is such a sweetie and was a true pleasure to photograph. She was giving me all kinds of difference looks every frame, a true natural in front of the camera.
Tamara - It was a pleasure working with you! I hope you enjoy your pictures! =)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disconnected = SUCK!

Hi folks! I'm doing a rare post from my computer at the 9-5er. It so silly now a day, employers actually get mad when you blog and surf blogs all day, well unless that's your job but in most offices it's frowned upon. Imagine that? ;)

So I know I've said this the other times I was a bad blogger and didn't post but I really do have loads to share! Ton's of pictures people... ton's of pictures!

My wireless connection has been down for 8 days and counting. Admittedly I'm no computer expert, but I'm no dummy either. I've set up connections and fixed connections for years yet this one has me stumped. I blame Windows... curse you Bill! The obvious answer would be to just plug directly into the wall but that's not possible, I need to be in my own cozy space so wireless it has to be.

The last few days have been spent transferring data to both my external drives so that I can reformat and reinstall windows. Hopefully it will work and be a lean mean internet connecting machine like it used to be by this weekend. Wish me luck!