Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highway 101... 392 mile check point!

The best way to combat a long drive with a three year old is to have impromptu run around/photo shoots at cool places like this...

At this point on our road trip we were needing to get out and stretch a little. So when we saw this Harley shop we decided to stop so my dad could by my uncle a shirt and we could let chase play a little. Of course I had to get out my camera, who could resist those colors!

He does those poses all on his own! He's such a little goof ball!


  1. I love these. The colors are irresistable.

  2. Wow little man has some serious posing skills lol. Mini supermodel in training! These colors are signature you, you have a real heat and flare to your photos that I love. I especially love the feeling in the last one, really fun!
    On a sidenote, I would so love to see you do a 50's style pinup shoot. I think you would really rock it!

  3. cute, cute, cute! who is this kid?

  4. Ummm... I wonder where Chase gets his poising skills? OH! Wait! I know where! His Momma! I seem to remember one hot chick posing on a hill, at sunset in Sonoma...
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

    Stunning pictures!

  5. awesome pictures! chase is a pro already.

  6. ahhhh.....i get it. i don't know why i thought you didn't have any kids....duh?????


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