Thursday, July 17, 2008

Disappointing the Toothfairy!

Today is a sad day! I was official kicked out of the No Cavities Club!

I got my very first filling's in my adult teeth. How could this happen? I brush damn it ... I floss! How did I go 20+ years only to be struck with not 1 but 2 deep cavities? Don't even get me started on the surface ones that are forming. My enamel has betrayed me! I can no longer boast about my filling free mouth, which I did often, and when I'd get that look of disbelief I'd open wide and say "ook seee I gut naw filens"!

I remember as a kid I was so proud to get my no cavity club stickers, one time I even got a shirt...SCORE! I must admit as an adult with no filings I felt superior because of my near perfect teeth! Alas my tenor in the club is no more I am but mere common folk with a mouth full of fillings. Do you think they take the shirt back?


  1. he he im still in the no cavity club! though everytime i go in for a cleaning i dread the news that my luck may finally have run out! sorry Amanda, i can understand how devastating this news must be for you lol

  2. i am ROLLING right now! i can hear you telling this story....i feel your pain. i was 19 when i got my very first cavity and almost had to go to therapy. you'll get over it. i say embrace it and get some more...


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