Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet Baby Cole

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing 1 month old Cole.
Check out this cutie ...

Love how you can see the baby fuzz in this picture!

Proud Papa!

After an hour he was sick of me and pictures!

Hence the leave me alone face ;)


  1. Nice rich B&W conversion. These almost look like film...are they? Very sweet shots. I love the close up mom kissing photo, very cool framing and lighting.

  2. baby bun....can't wait till sharon see's this.... :-)

  3. luv the b&w! baby booty is my favorite (;

  4. Heather! These are not film but that is totally the look I was going for! Coming from a film expert like you I take your comment as a huge compliment =)

  5. Look at all the pinch-able baby! So sweet!

    I think that these pictures are way cool. After the bum shot I'd have to say mom kissing her baby is my fav.

    I love the feel of them all. Kinda retro like... Well, to me, anyways.

    Was that a silk drape you brought over? Did you like the silk?

  6. Just to clarify the woman in the pic is actually the mom's best friend. How cute is that? I'm totally the bf that would want my picture taking with your baby! =)

    Sharon it's not exactly silk but it does have a silky finish. I bought it because the other side is matte so it gave me the option of have shiny or matte. In some of the pictures I had to tone down the brightness of the highlight's from the silk so that was a little disadvantage but I do like the look of silk in others. Did that answer your question? hahaha BTW I bought 3 yards on sale at joann's for $17 ;)

  7. i love the baby fuzz pic! and actually i'm really drawn to the first dad pic, i love the angle and i love dad's expression...

  8. That baby fuzz picture reminds me of this older patient that came in for Physical Therapy and I had to go in and take the electrodes off his bottom.



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