Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andrew Part Deux

My attempt at a silhouette

After the shoot we stopped at dicks to eat and have a little fun...
The following may not be appropriate for some viewers ;)


  1. ooooh!! fav is him with the seattle t-shirt looking over at the city.

  2. i concur....naughty pics amanda mays. topic like it's hot!

  3. yep, seattle t and city background is an instant fave! i also like the attitude he's giving you in the first one, I'm curious what you were saying when you got this shot. Fun shoot!

  4. Love 'em! Love, LOVE, LOVE 'EM! #2 is my very fav!

    It's making me so much more mad that it looks like we won't be up this summer! DANG IT!!!

  5. oh thanks for the giggle! love your strong color correction on these!

  6. Thanks Heather! I've been going quite strong lately on color. Still trying to find my "style" though! I think I need the one love class! ;)


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