Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BAD Santa - Terror in Toyland

As a mom I know how going to get Santa pictures can be stressful. First off you have to find a cute outfit, then get them to wear it. You have to fight holiday traffic and crowds only to stand in line for god knows how long. You talk the little suckers up the whole time about how great it's going to be to see Santa, sit on his lap, tell him all the super cool things you want him to bring you. Finally you get to the hopefully decent looking Santa pay your bajillion dollars and cross your fingers that little Susie will at least look at the camera and if your really lucky the rugrat might flash a smile. Sounds like a great afternoon to me ;)

Now imagine your the kid, you sense your parents stress, mixed with that familiar hope that you will behave. You've been hearing all about this rockin santa guy that magically gives you all your hearts desires. Your stuck wearing this stupid tie or god forbid hat and expected to be patient in a line that's taking FOREVER. This better be good! After a million years it's your turn and you see this...

"He's huge and hairy and hulking. He dresses in strange furry clothing. He sneaks into people's homes at night.Who wouldn't be afraid of . . . Santa Claus?!? "

Your eyes are huge, your mom's repeatedly telling you to smile, you got some chick squeaking an Elmo at you while trying to tickle you with some weird dusty thing, Santa smells like cheese or even worse old spice and after 2 minutes of terror all you get is a stupid candy cane and the hope that Santa heard you when you said you wanted a red ryder BB gun (fingers crossed)!

I cry LAME and so do all these little punkin heads...

Poor Babies!

"Nothing says Christmas like innocent children shrieking with terror as a hulking red stranger drags them onto his lap."

Quotes from Harper Collins book "Scared of Santa, Scenes of Terror in Toyland"

"Now this time-honored rite of passage is celebrated with a hilarious collection of more than two hundred and fifty priceless photos of kids' traumatic trips to Santa's workshop. Scared of Santa offers a cornucopia of photographic funnies - from sixty-year-old family heirlooms to last year's howlers-along with delightful commentary on those unforgettable childhood visits to scary ol' Saint Nick."

Funny stuff... You can buy the book at Barnes and Noble or just skim through it next time your there. And either laugh hysterically or feel sorry for all the traumatized youths on the pages.

I'm sorry but something about this is hilarious to me!

Hope about you do you have any scared Santa pictures or stories?


  1. LOL, thankfully I haven't tortured my kids with this ritual!

  2. ha! poor kids! luckily my experience was different this year, my kids both walk to Santa by themselves this year.


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