Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 going on 13?

So tonight I'm out shopping while Chris and Chase are over at his auntie's house. Why did Chase call me on my cell phone and say ...

Chase - "Hi mommy! ... Can I sleep here?"
Me - (picture me dumb founded) "What?"
Chase- "Can I sleep over at here?"

Insert long pause because I am thinking and tripping out at the same time

Me- "Um... No come home, Don't you miss me"
Chase- "I love you, but I want to stay here"

After some more of him sweetly pleading his case and me saying " I don't think so bug" I finally say "okay let me talk to daddy". "Okay" meaning I'm done talking to you not "okay" you get to stay. He quickly passes the phone to Chris while excitingly exclaiming "she said okay!"

Are you kidding me? HE'S THREE!!!! What is going on?

How in the world is he #1 capable of so eloquently having this conversation with me? #2 isn't it WAY too early for sleep overs? #3 Isn't this the talk of like umm i don't know, a seven year old?

Oh man I thought I'd have a few good years left before I'd have to deal with this kind of stuff. I have a long road ahead of me!


  1. wow. i feel your pain. kids...huh....ungrateful punks!

  2. so did he have his first sleepover?! lol
    at least it was family and not some random kid's house lol, just wait till you starting getting those requests! i'm not helping am i!


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