Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adams Maternity Shoot


  1. super cool amanda mays! great job! hey....when are you coming for a visit?

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  2. these shots are great!! now i wish i would have had you take pictures of my big ol belly before =)

  3. OH! Love the lighting! Super pretty!

  4. Amanda you are really rollin'!
    It's hard to believe this is your first maternity shoot, your shots are great and well thought out.
    As per usual, I have to give you my faves...
    the first one is a close 2nd but the one of mom at the top of the stairs takes the cake! I LOVE the light streaming in, the framing and composition and mom's stare all while seeming relaxed. Definitely one of my favorite Amanda Mays shots--

  5. Hey there, I really like these. Especially the one of her standing in the hallway with the light streaming in and her leaning on the couch. Great composition. Oh, I like her lying on the couch as well. Way to go!!

  6.'ve always been my favorite....i'm just saying.

  7. These are wonderful Amanda. Was this really your first maternity way?!

  8. Amanda,
    So good meeting you last night! I love shot #2...


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