Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Postcards from the edge

Greetings earthling's and loyal blog followers I am indeed still alive! I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post, time goes fast! I have been very busy! I realize that is not a good excuse as I know people that are a million more times busier than me and still find quality blog time. However it was time for me to take a little vaca from the Internet! I took a couple weeks off to spend more time with friends, family and myself.

Instead of my normal schedule of computer time I took chase out to ride his trike, went on walks, worked out, enjoyed the end days of summer, spent quiet time and just tried to re-prioritize myself. For awhile I was so focused and plugged into all things photography and computer related, I just needed time to be unplugged and ground myself. I think I am now better equipped to maintain a healthy balance between the two!

Here are the cliff notes of what I've been up to the last month...

I've had 3 shoots since my last post!
Got new business cards, I haven't even posted my old ones and I got new ones already!
I've had a chance to beta test
Me Ra's Refuse to say Cheese forum! (can't wait till it goes live)
Business launch Party was this past Saturday!
I've been developing all my marketing and printed materials as well as designing a new blog/website!
Lost 15 lbs!!!
Attended the
I shoot People tour and the super fun PUG martini party!
I'm teaching my brother to drive!!!
Witnessed a life changing event.
Developed a knarly cold.
And just a ton more things I hope to share with you guys soon!

Thank you for hanging in there with me in my absence and keep coming back because I've got big things in the works my friends! =)


  1. Good for you Amanda! So many amazing things happen when we start really LIVING each day, each moment. I'm really proud of you!

  2. well....as one of the faithful. i'd like to welcome you back! it's a lonely place when you're not around.... :-)

  3. yay! i'm glad you came back to blogging world. i need to do a better job postig more too.


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