Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meet the Parents

I had the enormous pleasure of photographing the Hilstad's with the newest addition to their family, Mr. Miles
Daddy the strong protector...

but also loving and fun!

Beautiful mommy

Nothing sweeter than grandma kisses!

Four Generations!!!

I almost died when she kissed his precious little feet! =)

I absolutly loved shooting this family, I took way longer than usual becuase I just couldnt get enough ;) They are so nice, very sincere and so in love with thier baby boy!

Thank you Hilstad's for letting me in your home and allowing me to capture your cute little family!


  1. great job. i love the timeless look on the shot with the grandma...excellent!

  2. Amanda, I think that last photo could win a contest. Truly great work.

  3. really great photos, and what a beautiful family! you captured so well what this baby means to their family.

  4. Look at his chins! What a sweet guy! I adore the picture with Grandma kissing his feet! Great job!


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