Monday, October 20, 2008

Urban Unveiled Fall 2008

Once again Urban Unveiled was amazing. I attended this event earlier in the year so I was super jazzed when i found out they were having another one. If you are a bride in the NW, a wedding vendor or just a wedding enthusiast this is a must see event. The decorations alone are worth seeing, not to mention the good foods, the Luly Yang fashion show, amazing vendors and the swag isn't bad either.

After the fashion show they have a raffle of about 20 great prizes, this time I won a prize, a SWEET prize at that! It's a brunch cruise for up to 20 people on Waterways Cruises valued at approx $1600, I told you it was sweet! I can't wait to plan that, I'm thinking a girls only birthday cruise with mimosa's lot's of mimosa's!

So I was smart this time and brought a camera! I had a blast capturing all the amazing details!

The program of vendors/ Resource guide

Lot's of lovely flowers

Doesn't it look yummy? It smelt good too!

I was too far up to get any good fashion show pictures but check out the slideshow on Jeff Laplante's blog they are awesome!

As you can see it's a great event. I look forward to attending them for a long time. You'll have to stay tuned to see more info from some of the great vendor's I had a chance to chat with.
And my cruise info and pictures later on in the year, So fun! =)


  1. It was an awesome event. You can bring me along anytime. All you can eat cupcakes (; can't beat that....i was looking at your pictures from the February Urban Unveiled. Look at it and compare from the pictures you took this week..I see a big difference... These awesome pics.

  2. Wow! After seeing your amazing pics of all the details, I wish I had gone. Looks like a good time. And congrats on winning the cruise. How fun will that be.

  3. wow, what beautiful details! looks like some great vendors, definitely a great way to meet people and see their creative visions. Did you use a flash for these Amanda? I haven't used flash yet and am thinking of buying one. Congrats on winning the cruise, that is so awesome!

  4. Thanks for the congrats guys! I'm looking forward to it, i'll keep the blog posted on that ;)

    Carrie - No I didnt use flash in these, because I didnt bring it ;) Some area's were better lit than others I just metered to get the best I could in dark area's. I also moved candles in closer to the floral pieces to get a little more light.

    I have a flash but I don't use it much yet, i'm trying to learn more about lighting and maybe incorperating a video light or two. =)


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