Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Ritual #2

Every Sunday I make sure to disinfect our toothbrushes. This is especially important for Chase's as it can often touch some pretty nasty surfaces when I'm not looking. Like me finding him brushing his stuffed animals teeth or running it along the wall as he comes out of the bathroom!

I totally got freaked out a few years ago by a dateline special that tested a bathroom and found out the the toothbrush had equal to if not more germs and virus's then your toilet! Yeah gross right? The thing we put in our mouths twice a day can be a breeding ground for all sort's of icky things.

A simple Google search brought up a few solutions for sanitizing your brushes. One was to soak them in a bleach solution... umm no thanks! Another was to throw them in your dishwasher, which I did a few times until I got creaped out buy the idea of my brush among the dirty dishes. So I switched to soaking them in hydrogen peroxide, then they came out with Aquafresh tablets which I used for awhile as well. Finally last year I bought the VIOlight Sanitizer which I love.

The Violight claims to kill 99% of germs by subjecting the tooth brush head to a ten minute UV shower. Now I haven't found any real data that says UV light actually works to disinfect your brushes but hey it sounds right doesn't it? Whether it actually does what it claims or not at least it I get the peace of mind of thinking they are clean and germ free.

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