Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wrap me up in your love!

An assignment was given to me to capture something that "speaks love to you". I thought about it for a while and kept coming back to the idea of my blankets. Besides keeping me warm there is a greater meaning behind the blankets I have grow to love.

The bottom is one I currently use to sleep with, bring to the couch when I need warmth or am sick and most importantly use when me and my little guy snuggle up together.

The next one was given to me when I was little. It was hand made by a family member in Wyoming and shipped in a big box just for me. It is a pretty pink, light weight and perfect for summer when traditional blankets are too hot.

Third one up was made by my grandma and was gifted to me I believe on my 12th birthday. Being a 12 year old I must be honest and say I was totally bummed to receive a hand made afghan instead of something cool like, I don't know a snoopdogg cd! Over the years it sat in a closet not used very much, that is until I got older. As an adult I learned to value the importance of something made by the hand, made out of love with a special person in mind as the receiver. She had knit it just for me in colors she thought I'd like and every time I pull it out and wrap myself in it, it's like wrapping myself in the love that she is no longer here to show me herself.

And then we have my very special souvenir blanket that I bought when I was 16 in the Philippine mountains of Baguio. This is my take everywhere blanket, it has been on many a road trip, a few picnics and used many times to lay out in the sun on. This is one of my most treasured items, my blanket that came from across the world!

Next up is Chase's baby blanket! The blankie I brought him home in. The blankie I swaddled him in for months, laid on the floor for him to play on, the blankie that went with us anytime we left the house. Chase never had a special attachment to a blanket the way most other kids do but every time I see this blanket I am reminded of my precious little baby boy.

Finally on top we have Sydney's blanket. The 12 x 12 piece of polar fleece that the hospital wrapped her in. The small piece of fabric that was big enough to wrap my tiny baby girl in. This is the only blanket she would ever have and the only real object that was ever especially hers. I keep this next to my bed and when I feel that longing to have something of her near me I sleep with it close to my heart.

I have so many more blankets I love. All the special baby blankets my great grandma has sewn for every baby in our family, especially my white one with the little blue flowers on it. The big gray one with red ties my grandpa slept on. There are dozens more that fill my mind with happy memories.

On the outside blankets seem like mere pieces of fabric sewn together in multiple ways but in some blankets there is more meaning than can ever be explained. They represent a time or place, a special person, joy or sorrow, comfort, warmth and love!

What represents love to you?


  1. Beautiful and Touching Amanda.

    I have 2 very special quilts from my great grandmother. One she made when I was born and one she made for us as a wedding gift. My 9 yr. old Natalie still has the blanket she came home from the hospital in. It was a beautiful sweater blanket from Gymboree, now completely tattered and in shreds. She sleeps with it every night and has it strewn across her even as I write.

    Thanks for sharing a part of yourself.

  2. I'm totally crying right now...
    My cousin Vicky has a blanket that was my Aunt Janie's and whenever I see it, I wrap myself in it and it's like a warm hug from her.
    I agree. Blankets represent love...

  3. Love this idea for your assignment. What a creative idea. Great simple black and white image!

  4. Sentimental Blankets! What an awesome choice for your assignment. That is probably something that is VERY universal...I made one out of my husband's t-shirts that he wore as a teenager. It's pretty awesome. I'd make one for myself (I keep enough of my own old t-shirts) but cutting his shirts was MUCH easier emotionally than cutting my own! Sorry honey.. lol


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