Thursday, June 19, 2008

live inspired... Compendium!

On the last day of my Bainbridge girls trip we dropped into Winslow before boarding the ferry, for what you say? Shopping of course!

We went into the kind of store I LOVE the most. The kind I could spend hours in, reading every single card, touching all the textured paper goods, drooling over the new embellishments, admiring the journals that I end up buying because they are so darn cute but then never write in. Ahh the stationary/paper goods store how I love thee so! I'm not sure how long we stayed in the store on this trip but i can tell you if i would have been by myself it would have been at least 45 minutes. There were many thing's i wanted to buy but I settled on only a postcard okay fine 5 post cards!!! I couldn't choose which one I liked best.

These are not ordinary postcard's they are inspiring "Wonderfuls because life is full of wonder" cards. Isn't that too cute? I tried to scan them so I could show you their awesomeness but they have UV coating so the scan is all pixelated... boo for bad scanners! So naturally I googled them so I could show you guys. Boy am I glad I did because I found my new favorite company.

Seattle based Compendium Inc has products that chicks like me go gaga over. Check out this 80 page book for mom's ...

Wouldn't you love to have one of these from your mom? Our better yet leave one for your child! They have a dad's one too! And they are only $9.95 a steal i think for something this cool.

I'm also in love with the She line I almost bought that journal but Cat talked me out of it! Boo on you cat! ;)

There are a ton more incredibly delicious goodies at Compendium I could go broke buying their products. If you are a paper goods nut like me or are just looking for something special or inspiring as a gift or even as a treat to yourself you have to check out their website.

Find something that inspires you today!


  1. OMG! This is too funny! I too googled it! I ordered the 'Mom' book you mentioned as well as some other things that I couldn't simply resist! =)

  2. I love beautiful paper products! I REALLY love the SHE cards, they'd also be great daily affirmations...
    beautiful post btw. Curious how you made the photo boxes (photoshop?).

  3. oh my! I have the "Create" post card on my desk at work. wow! I didn't know they are local. how cool! did you see there "green" products. I might have to buy some now.

  4. Thanks for having a big heart and sharing this great find with the rest of us. These products are awesome!:)


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