Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bainbridge Island Getaway

I'm back! I have been on and off sick for a week now I'm finally feeling better, I hope it stays that way. How was your memorial day weekend? Mine was great I got to stay at this place....

The Cedar Guest Cottage was a nice little place for our girl's mini retreat. Friday after work we caught the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for some much needed R&R. As bad as it sounds just being away from the kids for awhile was treat enough but it was also nice to be able to chillout and reflect in a place close to home but still far enough away to feel like a vacation.

The cottage was super cute, check out these exposed beams ...

I love the natural wood. It's nice to have the feel of a log type cabin but still have modern amenities! Saturday after breakfast we took a short hike down to the beach.

I was super stoked that the tide was way out because I got to go exploring! (squit and you can see the seattle skyline)

Of all the thousands of times I've been to the beach I've never seen live sand dollars before. It was so cool to find these little families of bright purple sand dollars of all sizes from big grandaddy ones to tiny little baby ones. I wanted to take A better picture to show the different sizes but their feelers things were moving and i didn't want to disrupt them ;)

I found this little friend and chased Cathy around with it. She's such a girlie girl!

Sunday we had to get home to the kiddos so after a short shopping trip in Winslow we boarded the M/V Puyallup back to the our beautiful city.

I had a great time, can't wait till our next girls getaway!


  1. SHUT UP!!!! Bainbridge Island has got to be one me and Sharon's favorite places! We've only been one time, on our last trip to Seattle, but we've often dreamed of selling it all (kids too) and moving up there. Looks like a blast! I hope you're feeling better...

  2. stinky crab!. I'm jacking your pictures (;

  3. I'm crazy jealous! Bainbridge Island AND sand dollars! Grrrr!

    All that aside...

    How great that you were able to go to such a great place and relax. I'm so glad that you are feeling better too!

  4. Amayz,
    I had no idea you had an eye for photography. Good job, son! Your pics are amazing!


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