Monday, May 5, 2008

Hosts with the Most!

There are two reason's I decided to attend the Sonoma workshop instead of the one's up here in Seattle. First was that I liked the idea of it being an actual retreat as opposed to driving home each night after the festivities. I wanted to feel like I was getting away to my own little photography paradise. But I was more sold when I found out I would have the opportunity to learn from not just Me Ra and Brian but also Garrett Burdick and Rick Chapman. How could you not jump at the chance to learn from such a great group of photographers?

I feel truly blessed to have had a chance to interact with professionals of their caliber, in case you didn't know they are a pretty big deal! Nothing drove that home more that when we first met Garrett he let it slip that he and Rick had recently wrapped up a shoot with Justin Timberlake! I mean I'm no groupie but that's a pretty big star right there, not to mention the tons of others stars that these guys have captured! Oh did I mention they scout pottery barn houses and other places for shoots. What a rad job right? It's so cool that here are two totally amazing guys that work with big name people all the time and they are willing to chill with 7 newbie women photographers that are still trying to learn what the heck they are doing! Are you understanding how awesome that is?

Here is Garrett:

He is the sweetest man! At first he was pretty shy being around us crazy ladies but he quickly warmed up and became a huge help to all of us! I can not say enough nice things about Garrett, he is funny, patient, kind and just plain freaking awesome! I love his shyness and how he turns red when we compliment him. I love how he took special time with each one of us to teach us about everything from technical camera stuff to lighting to "foofing". He found the lovely place the workshop took place, the great restaurants we ate in and the beautiful models we were lucky to shoot. I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to meet him and get to know him!

As if Garrett weren't enough we also got to work with the his AMAZINGLY talented business partner Rick Chapman:

Here's Rick with his adorable son:

*This photo taken by Garrett*

Rick opened up his home to us as if we were all great old friends and let these stranger women roam around his home. But not only was his home open but so was his heart and mind. He shared I wealth of knowledge with us that I with forever be grateful for! It's hard to explain but there is this crazy peaceful vibe around rick that is at the same time calming as it is invigorating. And did I mention he is cool, I'm talking the coolest of the cool! This dude is freaking awesome! I feel so very lucky do have had the chance to learn from this great man!

Let me not forget the hilarious tag team Brian and Me Ra:

I think everyone knows how great these two are but just in case your not hip to them yet do not waist another minute go to their blog immediately and bask in the wonder that is this dynamic duo! Me Ra is this amazingly open kind women that inspires and gives to many mom's unbelievable support and a wealth of knowledge. Brian is her rock and an super nice, way hyper and often hilarious man. He's "actually" also a really great photographer as well ;)

Do you see how lucky I am?


  1. This weekend was inspiring to me too. Just watching all of you on Saturday night and seeing Sharon respond to the whole thing. It's really given us new life in how we're approaching this photography thing. Well worth the investment.

  2. What a great post're the best!

  3. Hi Amanda! I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with Me Ra and Brian a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited to see what all of you do after spending time with such inspiring people.



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