Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sonoma Workshop Report... Finally!!!

Okay before I start I have to let out some frustration at blogger right now because I am not able to post! I've waited a week to find time to blog and now I can't even post! I'm writing this on Google Doc's in hopes that the error will fix itself soon enough for me to get something out tonight! ~ Yeah it finally worked!!!

Anyhoo on to the subject of this post... I'm home from beautiful Sonoma! Okay you got me I actually came home on Monday night but haven't had any computer time since I got home. Last week I was fortunate to attend Me Ra Koh's Photography Workshop down in gorgeous Sonoma California. This was not only my first time in Sonoma but my first trip I've ever taken solo. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself for taking this journey alone. Usually I would have needed a friend for support or just plain companionship but this time I embarked on a journey all by myself and it felt really good! I arrived at Oakland airport, got my rental car, hit the 880 north to wine country with my aviators on, the sun shining in my window and my ipod blasting. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and as corny as it sounds I truly felt like a independent women!

Lucky for me even though my travels were alone I was about to meet 7 amazing women that would fast become my great friends! I was so looking forward to this workshop first to get to work with Me Ra, her husband Brian and two other great photographers, Garrett Burdick and Rick Chapman . Also to get a better sense of what I'm doing with this camera I always find in my hands! But little did I know that the true joy was going to be spending time with and getting to know all the girls attending with me!

Here are a few group shots...

Whole Group + Brian

Sonoma Girls Album Cover

Doing the famous Brian pose!

And here are my new friends...

Wendy- Wendy is amazing! She is the type of person that instantly becomes your best friend!

Carrie- With an amazing eye for detail she didn't realize she had!

Michelle- Who thought that all her amazing pictures were "just luck", I think she learned that is just not true!
Dori- A lovely lady with the most gorgeous smile and contagious laugh!

Sharon- The funny animated one with tons of talent and FOUR beautiful kids!

Wendy T- The self proclaimed introvert with an inner beauty that radiates out of her!

Dana- My Canuck sister ;) she is so fun, awesome to hang out with and full of insight!

Special guest star Maggie- The best most patient baby in the entire world!

Notice something??? Perhaps a theme going on here???

We were all laughing and having a GREAT time all weekend! From our first dinner at the Red Grape to our farewell Monday from Rick's house in Stinson beach we were laughing, sharing and sometimes even crying together. Words really can't do justice to the experience we all shared together, it was a magically moment that I know I will never forget! I am so thankful for this experience and having met this amazing talented group of women.

There is so much more to say and pictures to show that I'm going to break up the posts with this being the first and a few more to follow so stay tuned for more of my sonoma adventure!

**All picture's in this post by Garrett Burdick**


  1. Aww...great post Amanda! Where is the rockstar picture of you?!

  2. Great post! So sad that I can't say "I was at this awesome workshop this past weekend" anymore. But still very inspired by it all, and by all of YOU!

    And I agree with Michelle, wehre are your modeling shots??? Those are awesome!!!! POST!!! POST!!!!

  3. OH! I miss you! I miss everyone! I'm gonna have to do a intro post on my blog too! How fun!

    Do I really talk with my hands so much?

    Isn't my Mag Pie so cute??

  4. who's that cute dark headed girl in the pink shirt? Hottie...

    It was great meeting you Amanda!

  5. Likewise Jeremy!

    Okay girls I'm sorry if you don't like the photo's of you I posted but I love them so hahaha ;)

    Luv you!

  6. AWWWWWW-I love you girl!! I can't believe I didn't catch this post until now. Great job!! I will be sending your rockstar poses tomorrow.

  7. You had me at "Justin Timberlake"...

  8. i was gonna grab your blog address for someone and saw this post...oh sigh. i want to do this again and again and again. and again. i need to take a trip back to the west coast...maybe even Seattle! i miss being around all of you creative spirits...


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