Monday, May 12, 2008

WOW... Jack Davis!

Just got home from a evening seminar with Jack Davis. It was a jammed pack three hours full of some great photoshop tips and tricks! I kind of liked the shorter three hour set as oppose to the five hour bellies and babies and Captivated by light I went to earlier this year. The cheaper price didn't hurt either ;)

I felt like I got enough good information without sitting forever while my butt gets numb. Don't get me wrong I got great info out of the other two but this one just had a faster flow which I kind of dug. It helped having some lovely ladies to attend with, Sara Montgomery, Jenny Joy Heck, Dinea Norrell, Julie Watts and Julie's cool friend Laurie all were there to keep me company!

There were some awesome "mind bending" moments as Jack demo'd all the cool tricks and shortcuts you can take to enhance your images. Some were so easy I couldn't believe I hadn't figured that out before. His tips will really help me speed up my workflow and maybe make some "WOW" images of my own. He also briefly showed off some of the new feature's in Lightroom 2 that will be coming out soon. Looks really awesome I might just have to upgrade!

It's really fun learning photoshop even if there are certain elements I wouldn't use myself it's nice having the knowledge on how it's done. Especially when it comes to being able to recognize the processes others take in creating their final product. Looking at someones work and having an idea for how they #1 took the image but then how the achieved the final result through editing is a great way to learn.

I would definitely suggest attending this seminar with Jack if he comes to your area! I also here his books are pretty darn good, although I haven't had a chance to check them out myself. Can't wait till I can get some time to play around with the stuff I learned tonight!

Off to bed.. it's almost midnight!!!


  1. oh Amanda I'm so jealous! this kind of workshop is exactly what i need right now! how do you find all these great workshops?? you'll have to share some of what you learned- please!

  2. Amanda- So fun to see all the pictures and hear about your time in Sonoma. What a wonderful time of learning and making new friends. I so wish I could have been with you. Glad to hear it was such a great time. Your pictures look amazing! Thanks for sharing! The PhotoShop tricks really give an image some punch.

  3. See! Now you've gone and made me NEED something else!

  4. I totally agree with what you said about Monday's seminar. It was nice to see some of Jack's LR/PS tips and tricks. Even better, I enjoyed the chance to meet some new photographer friends that I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with.

    Talk with you soon!

  5. I wish I would have known about this. I need to speed up my workflow---BIG TIME! hopefully I can catch him next time.

  6. Amanda! I'm such a dork! He IS coming to my area lol. I'm signing up for Sarasota ASAP! Are you on some kind of mailing list to get all this juicy workshop info?! Thanks for passing this along!


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