Friday, November 16, 2007

Chuck, Larry & the ex-Mary

News flash little Mary Camden has grown up and dang is she HOT! I know, I know this has been known in the men's world for quite awhile, Esquire did name her "Sexiest Women Alive" but I never got it until Chuck & Larry. On 7th heaven she was fug, in summer catch ... um Freddie Prinze Jr. definitely hotter, in blade she was semi hot, but now in 2007 she is totally smoking! It could very well be that her clothes in the movie are totally gorgeous or it could be that she's turned into a mature attactive women. The fact that she date's Justin doesn't hurt either! After thinking it over I would have to say beyond a shadow of a doubt she has the best ass I've ever seen, yes better than J Lo, better than beyonce! After seeing her butt in action I have added her derriere workout to my routine. It's pretty hilarious the first time you try it and feels totally strange, but after that two minutes you will feel it!
Try it for your self everyone needs a little booty help!

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