Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Times!

Yesterday I attended a live taping of the Microsoft Small Business Show. I had never been to a show taping before so it was quite interesting to see all the behind the scenes stuff. All the guest's were great and gave very good tips on different aspect's of entrepreneurship.

The audience received a peppercorn ball and potato peeler from "famous inventor" David Holcomb and a pair of baby legs from guest Nicole Donnelly don't you just LOVE free stuff! David demo'd an awesome garlic machine that I will definitely be putting on my wish list as well as the collapsible measuring cups. If you love kitchen gadgets as much as I do you have to check out the Chef'n website then run out and buy your new toys, I noticed Target carries some of his inventions. The Chef'n website also has a great kid's section with recipes, tips and one hour cooking classes presented by Sur La Table! Fun stuff!

Speaking of cooking the great Tom Douglas was also a guest. Tom is quite famous here in Seattle, he owns many downtown restaurants and has some good cookbook's out. He whipped up some crab cakes from his new cookbook that smelled wonderful. I got a couple of Tom's Rub with Love spices last year at Christmas and they were yummy!

Most importantly I finally got to meet the Fabulous Me Ra Koh and her oh so cute family. Me Ra is such a warm open person and it was nice to be in her company. I also had the pleasure of meeting a couple of nice ladies Julie Watts and Marianne Graham that were there to support Me Ra as well. I had a really great time at the taping as well as chatting afterwards.

You can check out the show at Microsoft Small Business Show as of right now it seems you can't watch the episode but it is suppose to be up for on demand viewing, hopefully soon.

Link to all the guest's at Microsoft Small Business Show Guest Links

Here is the group picture from the show courtesy of photographer Brian ;) via Me Ra's blog

From left to right: A couple all the way from Texas, Host Clay Cashman, Me Ra, Marianne, Pascaline, Me, Julie, Liza & Cathy

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