Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Ritual #1

Everyone has some kind of ritual that they do on Sunday's.

Whether it be laundry, cleaning, watching TV, shopping or of course attending church. While mine occasionally includes all the before mentioned things my favorite ritual is my own kind of heaven. The heaven of frozen tasty goodness in the form of Gelato! Ummm Gelato... Specifically Bottega Italiana Gelato, or as I refer to it the best gelato anywhere outside of Italy itself! This small store front downtown on 1st and Pike is my favorite destination on Sunday. Bottega's gelati is homemade fresh daily with only the freshest and purest ingredients with a smooth velvety airy texture. The flavor's are unbelievably good and include many seasonally fruits and favorite's like coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Last Sunday I had a scoop of Coffee "Caffe" and Carmel "Caramello" it was to die for, it tasted like a Carmel frappicino! MY absolute favorite is Strawberry also known as "Fragola" which I usually match up with Limone or Pear. If you have not yet been to this extraordinary dessert spot you must try it out, come by on Sunday and you just might run into me!

Look at all the Yummy Flavor's!

Chase Loves Gelato Too!

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  1. You are crazy! They are starting to sell it at the local donut store down here in! I bet it's nasty! Coffee is my favorite.


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