Thursday, November 29, 2007

Letter to my Boss


I would like a new fancy desk chair. I believe this cost is justified because 95% of my day is spent in my chair. This is equal to 7hrs a day, 280 hrs a week, 1120 hours a month and 53760 hours a year of sitting on my buttocks. A new chair would be beneficial by providing more support to both my buttocks as well as my back. This in turn would lead to a happier more productive employee!

For your convenience I have researched fancy chairs and found a great one at Office Depot Business.

The Quantum Mesh Mid-Back Chair has many great features including:

Height-/width-adjustable armrests with unique Gel-padded armrests offer optimum comfort – Comfort is always a plus! Additionally helps remove shoulder and neck strain.

1-touch seat-height adjustment for proper posture – proper posture is a must for maintaining optimal back and neck comfort, especially since I would like to refrain from getting a hump on my upper back, which unfortunately runs in my family.

Tilt controls for optimal positioning & Adjustable lumbar– Again it's all about comfort, support and maintaining proper posture to keep me chipper and agile all day long.

Designed for intensive use- Ideal for busy professionals who spend 5+ hours each day in their chairs.

Waterfall seat cushion helps promote circulation- GREAT I have very poor circulation and could use all the help I can get!

Made from a minimum of 50% post consumer recycled materials – Awesome, why not help the environment!

And Finally it's Backed by the manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty – ensuring I'll have many happy years in my comfy fancy chair.

ALL these great features for the reasonable cost of just $279.99 minus our 15% discount. The cost is more than justified considering how much sit time I actually do.

I hope you will consider my proposal for a new fancy chair and honor my request. It is only fair considering everyone else is the office has said fancy chair.

Thank you,

Proposal Approved.....

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