Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's This Blog About Anyway?

Being an avid blog reader for over a year, a few months ago I decided I too wanted to join the big bad blogging world. Once the decision was made it was clear that I first need to figure out my niche. What was I going to write about? Was it just to be an online journal a la Xanga two years ago? Was I going to focus on being a mom and document Chases life? Was I going to zero in on a specific thing like photography, scrapbooking, cooking, wedding's or event planning? Month after month went by and I still had not decided what I would write my stinking blog about. I am not definitively an expert on any particular subject, therefore I feel that I am not qualified to write about just one type of thing. So after much debate I introduce to you my blog about everything! Total cop out right? Hopefully it with live up to the expectation of nothingness I have bestowed upon it! Hehehe ... Enjoy!

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