Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back on the Block

OMG flash back to 4th grade, I'm 10 years old and on hold with ticket master for what seem like hours. My mom said if I wanted to go I'd have to be the one to sit on hold, apparently she had better things to do with her time!

For what you say???

Only the original best boyband EVER! And ... wait for it ....... they are BACK!!! You heard right the New Kids are back! We'll have to wait and see if they're better than ever since the haven't sung in public yet but never the less I am excited. Hahaha!

Let me clarify though I was not one or those obsessed girls that scream and faint and buy everything band related. I bought the cd's and went to the concert and that was it! Ok wait maybe I did start a little fan club with my friends Aileen and Kelly, but we were cool! My friend Amanda had her whole room NKOTB even her comforter and pillows! They were BIG time with the elementary girl crowd. I liked Jordan and my favorite song was "If you go away girl"! Welcome back guys !!!

I have now officially cemented my dork status! ;)


  1. o..o''..the right stuff..hahaha, i think those are the lyrics (=

  2. OK I have to admit I saw them while shopping at the mall. They were just walking around in 1988 before a concert. It caught me off guard and I freaked out! Ok I admit it I may have cried a little bit. Being a teenage girl is the strangest thing!

  3. LOL! I love this post! I have to say that their unveiling on the Today show got me a little bit excited to hear their latest work. Thanks for the shout out on Me Ra's are so sweet! =)

  4. I was a total NKOTB fan as well..I vaguely remember a routine my friends and I did to "the right stuff" in 8th grade!
    Are you going to the Sonoma workshop?


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