Thursday, April 10, 2008

Call the Exterminator!!!

Back when I was taking Chase's guitar pictures we noticed this little guy walking across the carpet.

And what did my little guy do???Run away crying? Jump in my lap and scream like a girl Eeewww spider? Nah not my tough guy, he ran into the kitchen and came back with this...

The Ultimate Spider Catcher!

Hahah where do they come up with these things? I was laughing so hard while still trying to catch on camera his excitement over his spider hunting expedition. Because I was laughing he decided to turn the ham on...

Beware little creepy crawlers Spider Hunter Chase is on the job!

** No spiders were harmed in the making of this photo shoot! =) **

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  1. Hello beautiful Amanda! This post cracked me up and reminded me of Brian and the poor lil' spider in Sonoma! Missin' my Sonoma Girls and all the wonderment of that amazing time and place...thinking of you and hope your immersion back into real life has been going well.


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