Saturday, April 5, 2008

Totally Tubular

A couple of Saturday's ago my friend Liza & I took our boy's up to Snoqualmie pass to the tubing area. We had been planning this trip since December but anytime we where free to go the weather was lousy. Boy am I glad we waited because the conditions were perfect when we finally did make it up. We all had a ton of fun both tubing down the huge hill and also just running around planning in the snow. I was too chicken to bring my camera to the actual tube hill but I did get some good shots before and after the session.

Chase & My Godson Dennis

Dennis' Brother JJ

Dennis with his HUGE "snowball"

My personal favorite! My little snowbunny!

I hadn't been tubing since I was a little girl and we used to have to walk up the huge tubing hill. Now they have pulleys that bring you back up! That turned out to be awesome, I was a little worried about how we were going to get the little guys up the hill each time so the pulley was great. I think Chase actually enjoyed the leisurely ride up the hill better than the fast "scary" one down it.

After our session was over we played in the snow for an hour before chase was done. I changed his clothes and then we pulled up close to where the boys were playing. Here's a few of Chase in the car...

Posing for mommy

Watching out the window

The bossy control freak yelling orders out the window

The other two boys continued playing for at least another hour maybe two until the sun was almost completely gone and it got freezing. 40minutes later, one gas stop and two drive thru windows we were home. WE had soooo much fun the kids loved it can't wait till we go again!

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