Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hooray for 28!

Yesterday I turned 28... Happy Birthday to me! I am really excited to be this age, I've always looked forward to being 28 I don't know why but even when I was little I thought it was a cool age!

I had a great weekend! Lot's of eating took place, It's a good thing I started my "healthy eating" today because I probably gained at least 5 pounds this weekend alone! I went out to dinner Friday night with some family members, than again on Saturday night with my friend cathy and then another family dinner on Sunday night with a big ole cake.

Yep Chris brought home a full sheet cake to feed 8 people! I asked him "babe why did you get such a big huge cake" He replied "Because that's how much I love you!" Once I got over the awe how sweet moment I said "hopefully you still feel that way when my ass gets huge from eating it". I did feel special with my happy birthday song and huge cake with only 18 candles because 28 might have set off the smoke alarm.

I was truly overwhelmed this year by all the cool gifts and wonderful cards I got from my fabulous friends and family! I scored big time it was like I was a little kid again. Gift cards galore, nice frames, a laser level so I hang them straight, a new sonicare, a hair cut certificate, my favorite expensive shampoo and a couple nice plants. While I loved all my gifts I really enjoyed the e-mails and the cards , I got some really great hallmark moments this year. I must have been a good girl this year because for some apparent reason people had some really nice things to say about me? I have AMAZING friends and an awesome family, I am so grateful!

It's great to be 28!

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