Friday, March 21, 2008

My Mr. Picasso Head

I found this site Mr. Picasso Head and thought I'd share my creation.

It's kinda fun to make your own masterpiece if you have a little time to kill. It's also cool to cruise the gallery and see what other people have made!
Because it's a flash setup you can't right click to save your image. You can save it to their gallery but that doesn't help if your a weirdo like me who wants to blog it! You just have to screenshot it or take a picture of your monitor like I did ;)

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  1. Amanda,
    It was so nice to chat away with you last night! You are going to have so much FUN in Sonoma. Drink some fine wine for me, please. I was up much too late and today has been a little rough! Your little guy is so cute!


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