Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seattle Radio Rocks

The celebration continues... I just got home from yet another birthday dinner. So much for my healthy eating I had my first set back by stuffing my face with tortilla chips and then eating the yummy chocolate mouse I got after getting sung to and having to wear a HUGE sombrero! Tomorrow it's back on the health wagon!

I forgot to tell you about my other birthday well wishers. I got a birthday e-mail form Shelly Hart at Kube 93, a personal call from Maynard at Movin 92.5 and an invite from Roz at KACL 780AM asking me to meet her at Cafe Nervosa for a birthday latte! Okay that last part was a lie, and unless you watched Frasier you have no idea what I'm even talking about. The first two are real though! I know it's so cornball and funny but I thought it was pretty cool.

I'm a pretty big deal you know? ;)

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