Friday, March 7, 2008

It's not you it's me!

I had to make some cuts! I was getting way out of control with all my wonderful photographer links and it was just getting to be too much. I love all the photog's I had listed, I still do but it was time to downsize. Instead I left the ones that I think have the most inspiration to offer myself and other lookey loo's. I really like providing links to wonderful photographers, it seems like a find a new favorite every single day! So I will be adding them in post's vs linked in the right column.

Here are some I had listed

Julie Watts Julie takes cool funky unique photo's, I love how she captures personalities
Laurence Kim Crystal clear crisp image's with great color.
Tamalyn Lee AMAZING photo's I love her work with natural light
Juxtapose Whimsical, fun, romantic, unique what more could you want?
Sarah K Chen Young fresh and fun
Tony Yang Urban-Hip-Sexy GREAT boudoir
Engaged Studios Good engagement flic's love the slideshows

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