Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm still short on time I've been soooo busy this last week. I hope I can get caught up this coming week so far I'm only semi-busy so hopefully I'll have a little cool down/relax/computer time!

Tuesday I attended my first PUG meeting at Me Ra's house I was super excited about getting to meet new photographers and of course stoked to meet the ones I had heard of or only knew from the Internet. I was a little nervous but luckily there were a few people I had meet in person or have corresponded with before, seeing some familiar faces took the edge off. ;) On my way there I got a little lost but let me tell you I'm really glad I did because I got to see a few awesome neighborhoods I never knew existed. The meeting was great I learned some really good info from Dani, Me Ra and Brian's banker and I talked with some really cool people. I can't wait for the next one!

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to the Studio 36 "After Party" at Julie's studio. We had a great time chatting away about all types of photography stuff. But the real fun started when we got to play around with the studio lighting. I was especially excited about this since I have been wanting to learn more about lighting and which types of equipment I should buy. Julie is so great she gave us tons of tips and really gave me a better understanding of how to work in a studio environment. Thanks Julie! I hope we do it again soon!

Yesterday I went out with my friend Cathy for her birthday. (Happy Birthday Panchita!!!) We went to the Lakeside Rummage sale which was a bust, unless your skinny and looking for some cool vintage leather coats, they had TONS of those! I bought a really sweet vintage camera for $4 but other than that we went home empty handed. Because we are not the type of girls to go home without buying something, bad I know, we stopped at the University Book Store. I got a cool new portfolio and Cat got some butcher paper to make her patterns. I got home with just enough time for a load of laundry, a couple episodes of Sex and the city, a few inches of snow and a latte for dinner before I went to bed.

Today I went Downtown to the SAM for the Rome exhibit. Pieces from the Louvre that had never been seen in American are on display right now! The craftsmanship on those pieces are unbelievable and to be in the presence of all that history is truly amazing! If you are an art or even history lover you definitely have to check it out before it leaves. After the museum we walked through the market I LOVE Pike Place no matter how many times I go there I still appreciate the awesomeness of it =) After Cutters for lunch, gelato for dessert, and a short stop in Chinatown for some bamboo I came home to more laundry and a messy house that needed to be cleaned. Now I'm off to bed I have my 9-5 and then Bellies and Babies! Yeah!!!
Sweet Dreams!


  1. ha! did you intentionally left off that we also went to paper zone becuase you don't want to reminded on things you bought that you don't really need (;...i had a great time. You make me want to blog too but I'm so tired. I wish we had we had four day weekend!

  2. Hey Amanda,
    You are really doing some cool things with photography lately. You have to blog about Bellies and Babies. Want to know everything.--or you can just email me.
    Wendy Zippwald

  3. It was so fun to see you at the after party! I'm loving your pictures, especially the ones of your little rock star. He is too adorable!

  4. Amanda, Your blog is great. I love it and your son is sooo cute! I can not wait to have our next class (aka girls night out)


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